Well now.  Where to begin with this clusterfeck!  As a business, before we had to, we closed.  It didn’t sit right with me that I would continue trading while people were doing their best to limit their movements.  I work from home however my stock is kept in a secure lock up.  I visit my suppliers every other day and I also visit the post office every day.  So that is a lot of movement in the middle a pandemic.  So we closed mid March.  I had the very best intentions to do all the little fiddly bits that I had been putting off, like tidying the workstation.  Reordering the stock room etc.   Do you think I did any of it?  I did in my hoolahoop!  I have 3 children.  My 18 year old has been caught up in the drama of the leaving certificate so that held my attention for a good month.  My 14 year old had a few bits and pieces from school to do but nowhere near where I thought she should have.  As a result she went to bed late and got up late.  I’m assured most teenagers dealt with Covid this way right?!  My youngest if 5 and some of you may know that he has ASD so we really thought that he may regress due to their being no school.  He is classed as non verbal with some social skill delays.  However his speech has really come on the past 3 months.  Something which delights us everyday to hear.  When your non verbal child starts to put 2 words together even 3 sometimes, it’s just the nicest feeling.  However, his behaviour has taken a bit of a nose dive.  The aggression is back.  I’m hoping that it will all iron itself out when he gets back to some sort of a routine fingers crossed.  So life has been busy.  It’s been lovely having everybody home but it’s also trying on the oul temper sometimes.  I’m sure I’m not alone in being slightly apprehensive about us opening up quicker than we had planned but I think no matter when we opened up, that apprehension will still be there.  Like everything else in life I think we just have to get used to it, play our part, and keep socially distancing when we can.  How have you and your family coped?

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